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Item Code/Product Code: SUNMA YX360TR
YX-360TRE-L-B High Quality + Large + Bright Screen Sunma Analog Multimeter YX-360TRE-L-B with Continuity Tester with LED Indicator & Buzzer + Stand + Protection Rubber Case + Battery + Lead Probes Moving Needle Pointer Sunma Analog Multimeter YX-360TRE..
Ex Tax:₹380
Item Code/Product Code: SUNSHINE DT890N
Model Number: DT-890NMeasuring Current Range: AC10A/DC10AMeasuring Voltage Range: AC700V/DC1000VMeasuring Resistance Range: 600Ω-60MΩMeasuring Capacitance Range: 60nF-6000uFOperating Temperature: 0~40℃Dimensions: 184*90*46cmProduct Name: SUNSHINE DT-890N Auto ..
Ex Tax:₹1,500
Item Code/Product Code: T333
T-333  Digital DC Power Supply AC Input 0-3A 4.2V/5.02V DC Output Mini Power Meter Mobile Phone Repair Multi-function Digital Pointer Power Meter..
Ex Tax:₹2,900
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