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Item Code/Product Code: 25W
This is Soldering iron  25W 230V High Quality Soldering Iron. If you are a student or hobbyist and you are looking for a good general purpose Soldering Iron then this 25-watt soldron Soldering Iron is perfect for you.  Even we have been using this Solder Gun from the start and it the best ..
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Item Code/Product Code: ESD TWEEZER
* High quality Anti-static Stainless Steel Precise Tweezers Repair Tools. Antistatic, Anti-magnetic and anti-acid. * Cutting-edge parts of pure manual polishing, fine workmanship. * Tips after a long time use is still super straight. * Precision machining, professional used for SMD, chip, j..
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Brand: SUNSHINE Item Code/Product Code: P-30A
SUNSHINE P-30A SHORT-KILLER PCB CIRCUIT DETECTION REPAIR TOOLShort-circuit fault detection for various mobile phones and computers.Bring you a convenient short-circuit fault detection and repair experienceFeatures:This is a new product for mobile phone motherboard repair toolHelp the technician to j..
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Brand: SUNSHINE Item Code/Product Code: SS-110
SUNSHINE SS-110 MULTI-FUNCTION WIRE STRIPPER CUTTER Feature:Stripping function, Anti-skid handleCrimping groove, you can carry out a simple wire cutter function.Save energy design, so that cutting more easily.Wire cutting, wire stripping functionDiagonal pliers, delicate sharp, cutting force st..
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Brand: SUNSHINE Item Code/Product Code: SS-905A
SUNSHINE SS-905A IPHONE SAMSUNG POWER SUPPLY CABLE FOR IPHONE 5S-12PROMAXSunshine SS-905A IP service dedicated power cable 2020 Version1.Suitable for 5S-12 Pro Max & SAM 2.Flexible FPC soft cable, not easy to fall off when connected with the motherboard, not easy to break, durable..
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Item Code/Product Code: UFI
UFi Box - Features:Repair EMMCResize EMMCFormat EMMCWrite full data, fully eraseRead boot1Read boot2Read EXT CSDRead User DataUpdate firmwareWork via test pointUFi Box - Advantages:Has its own software, box works stand-aloneDisplay information which is easily understood by the user or newbie. Easy t..
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Item Code/Product Code: UMT PRO
Ultimate Multi Tool Pro is a combination of 2 dongles - UMT Dongle and Avengers Dongle. Ultimate Multi Tool (UMT) Pro Dongle - Flashing, Remove Sim Lock, Repair BT, Repair IMEI, Wipe Phones, Remove Google account.Ultimate Multi Tool (UMT) Dongle - Features *:FlashingRemove Sim Lo..
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Item Code/Product Code: UV
About this itemHigh-grade 10W lamp beads, life up to 100,000 hoursToughened glass, high permeability, durable and strongbrightness adjustableUV lamp, mobile phone liquid crystal screen UV glue curing, can check the security of money, lighting scorpion, fluorescent agent detectionUse the USB interfac..
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Item Code/Product Code: WTS-002
Weitus WTS-002 100ml Plastic Rosin Bottle with NeedleNote: The bottle is empty. SpecificationGeneralBrand: Weitus  Model: WTS-002  Material: PP  Special function: Container  Optional Color: White Dimensions and WeightProduct weight: 0.017 kg&nbs..
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Brand: WYLIE Item Code/Product Code: SOLDERING LUG
WYLIE Patch Solder Lugs jumper Wire Spot Fixing Soldering LugThe new era of Flyline .WYLIE dot-repairing soldering lugApplicable for welding plates in various sizesrepair dots quickly high efficient/stable.New concepts of Fly line.increase maintaining efficiency Various shapes and models of sol..
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