A830L Digital Multimeter

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A830L Digital Multimeter (DMM) AC DC Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter

A830L is a pocket-size digital multimeter. It can be used to measure voltage AC, voltage DC, current DC, resistance, diode test etc

1. Protective Tube: F500mA/250V
2. Power: 9V NEDA1604 or 6F22 Battery (NOT Included)
3. Display: LCD, 1999 counts, updates2-3/ect.
4. Measuring method: Dual-slope integration A/D converter
5. Overrange Indication: Only figure “1”on the display
6. Polarity Display: – for Negative Polarity
7. Working Temperature: 0-40 °C
8. Storage Temperature: -10°C-50°C
9. Size: 145 x 70 x 31 mm
10. Weight: 140g


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