Aida A-500 Battery Activator Test Machine



Aida A-500 Battery Activator Test Machine

1. Advanced design: Use double line transposon large quantities to meet the charging requirements.
2. The protection in place: Limiting 2A, if not carefully access high voltage, load protection monitoring function is automatically disconnected power supply.
3. Short circuit protection: If the battery has positive and negative short-circuit, the warning lamp illuminates, remember not to charge the battery.
4. Visual display: A dual digital form, can display current, voltage, and improve efficiency.
5. Fine adjustment: A current, voltage trimming resistor, can achieve higher accuracy of operational requirements.
6. Safe and easy to use: Fasten to use, the battery is full, it will stop the output charge current to prevent overcharging inflated.
7. Low activation: Less voltage below 3V, 2.5V or more, can be activated.


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