All In One Square De-Bubble Machine

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1. For LCD, LED, OLED laminating, air bubbles removing;
2. Fast work:5 min/(1-2)Pcs;
3. Intelligent touch panel system control,Three modes:Lamination/Defoaming/Lamination+Defoaming
4. Easy operation, one button to start, complete Lamination and Defoaming in same time;
5. Suitable for all touch screen smart phones in the market: for Iphone, samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony, Huawei, XiaoMi….Samsung Edge series;
6.The latest safety gas lock technology,no need the Screw, 1 second to lock the door;
7.All in one machine,built In vacuum pump and air compressor;
8.Is one of the necessary tools for mobile phone repair shop in 2017, easy to make money;
9.12 months warranty, online technical support and training is provied.

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                Discount 30%

7inch Portable 2in1 Mini Autoclave LCD Bubble Remover & LCD Separator Machine #MT-M2

Every day thousands of mobile phones through M-Triangel LCD repair machine, to become a new look…
We have offered our machines to more than 2000 mobile phone repair shops over sea since 2014.They are from Europe, North America, South America, Middle East and Asia. Our High quality, good price, professional service makes them choose us.

*Remark: Courier Services Charge Extra for heavy or bulky loads



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