Digital Multimeter MAS830L Blue Backlight & Hold Button

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Unity Digital LCD Pocket Multi Meter/AC-DC Voltage/with Back Light

Digital Multimeter MAS830L Blue Backlight & Hold Button

The digital multi meter, DMM, is one of the most common items of test equipment used in the electronics industry today. While there are many other items of test equipment that are available, the multi meter is able to provide excellent readings of the basic measurements of amps, volts and ohms. In addition to this the fact that these digital multi meters use digital and logic technology, means that the use of integrated circuits rather than analogue techniques, enables many new test features to be embedded in the design.

  • DC voltage: 200m/2/20/200 V ± 0,5%, 600 V ± 0,8%
  • AC voltage: 200/600 V ± 1,2%
  • DC current: 200µ/2m/20m A ± 1,0%, 200 mA ± 1,5%, 10 A ± 3,0%
  • Resistance: 200/2k/20k/200 kΩ ± 0,8%, 2MΩ ± 1,0%
  • Power: 9V (6F22) battery and Dimensions: 138x69x31 mm, Weight: 160 g Apprx


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