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The   PS-1502DD + digital power supply is an indispensable part in the workbench of those who want to work properly without the need for improvisations or inventions when it comes to repairing their equipment. Besides being a high precision product that provides continuous feed, it is also very light and robust, being very practical and durable for day to day repairs.

Its use is ideal for maintenance in various electronic equipment, among them: cell phones, digital cameras, tests on motors and lamps, battery and battery charging, consumption test and short identification, among other utilities.

This  digital power supply , also known as DPS- (Digital Power Supply), provides tranquility and precision to its user, because it is equipped with two digital LED’s that indicate separately the set voltage and the current of consumption.
It also has four adjustment knobs or potentiometers that help you in a perfect adjustment of voltage and current.

It consists of a “knob” that has pre-fixed voltages, five of which are invariable and a variable that allows a precise adjustment, facilitating and thus speeding up the operator’s work in regulating the voltage required for certain types of tests.
– Among these controls one of them is for the thick adjustment and another for the fine adjustment, providing with that, a precise adjustment of the output voltage.
– In addition to all these differentials, the  15V 2A sources  still have a variable protection point control between 0.6 and 2 Amps, which serves as a safety device, where the maximum current is reached, the power supply automatically cuts off the power supply, thus preventing the occurrence damage to equipment under maintenance.
– It is also accompanied by a power cable that makes all the difference when it comes to working. Therefore, it has nine connection terminals, namely: 2 connection terminals at the source, 2 “alligator” claws, 4 retractable connectors and 1 connector for mobile.

-He also has a CDMA / GSM key, to assist those who will use to work with cell phones. 


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