JD5500 Precision Micro Electric Grinder



JD5500 Precision Micro Electric Grinder, 85/120W 35000RPM Electric Drill Nail Art Machine, Polishing / Engraving Machine

Professional milling machine JD 5500 with a rotation speed of 35000 rpm. Power: 65 W

The kit includes:
– Stand for the handle of the device,
– The foot control pedal makes the work easier by performing the function of turning the motor on and off,
– The handle of the machine, has an average weight and size,
– Power supply,
– Nozzles 4pcs
Hardware manicure saves time for the procedure, which will attract new customers and reduce the risk of damage and irritation, as well as an excellent replacement for edging and euro-manicure. The main advantage of this manicure is that it is painless and hygienic, which reduces the risk of infection.
The choice of the device depends on many parameters: reliability, power, revolutions (rotation speed of the nozzle), the presence or absence of a built-in vacuum cleaner. The most important thing is to take into account, first of all, the intensity of work (manicure, pedicure, correction) and the place of the procedure (salon / house)
There are several types of milling machines:
– Training and personal use (power 15 – 40 W, speed up to 20,000 rpm );
– Performing manicure, pedicure and correction (power 40 – 60 W, speed up to 30,000 rpm);
– Professional (power from 60 to 100 W, speed up to 45,000 rpm). 2. Never switch reverse on the go, 3. Do not overload the device with heavy, large attachments, if it is not of high power, especially when pedicure (only not large and light attachments), 4. Clean the router from material particles and dust 5. And last but not least! When working with a router, remember that the lower the speed you use, the more comfortable the client will be, and the attachments and the router will last longer. Warranty period 3 months
In order for the operation of your pet to be as long as possible, it is necessary to look after him; it is very simple:
1. Without a cutter, do not turn on the device and do not close the handle,



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