YAXUN YX878D+ 2 in 1 SMD hot air and soldering station

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YAXUN YX878D+ 2 in 1 SMD hot air and soldering station, 220v / 110v digital BGA rework station Automatic rework station

If your country uses 110v electricity, please inform us, otherwise will send 220v machine

yaxun 878d + rework station
2 in 1 design,
hot air gun and soldering iron
very good quality
2 LED digital display for hot air


YX-878D +
species: Two LED Digital Display
Power Consumption: 700W
Blower Fan: Brushless fan
Air Volume: 120L / M (MAX)
temperature (soldering iron): 100 ° C to 450 ° C
Temperature Range (Hot Air Gun) :  200 ° C to 480 ° C



1. Suitable for unsoldering many cmponents, such as SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC andBGA, etc. (especially for flat cables and cable connectors).

2. Applicable for hot shrinking, heating, depainting, degluing, defrosting. preheating and welding rubber, and etc.



1. The product adopts closed loop of transducer. Smart drive MCU. Digital LED screen. High-power.the temperature turned up is very fast. Stable temperature and is waterproof air, use the brushless fan, and long life and low noise, it is good to guide free work too

2.the airflow can be adjusted, and the air blowing is large and gently blowing plastic components will not deform. such as the buzzer and the external interface of mobile phones

3. it is felt in the handle, it will be quickly to work when you have the handle; When the handle is back to the shelf, the machine will automatically stopage

4. automatic to blow cool air to secure the heating. The temperature quickly rises, and it can reach the set temperature in just 3 or 5 seconds. Small volume heavy light, temp-driven precisely

5. Safely remove BGA-IC, keep pins intact. Much more secure

*( Courier Services Charge Extra For Heavy Or Bulky Loads )


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