Smart phone and tablets fixed in a minute, In some cases while you wait.Specialist in all non warranty mobile phone repairs.
Undertake all smart phone repairs down to component level. We repair all make and model.
We can repair all types of mobile phone and tablets.We are best in broken screen repair, Water damage repair and Busted camera repair.
All our repairs come with warranty IMEI Changing, Editing or repairing is illegal!! Any product sold on this website does not repair, change or edit IMEI of any handset. Any product sold on this website is not capable of changing or editing or repairing imei of any handset. We are not responsible if you use any product from our website with any third party software for any illegal operation. Our products are just interfaces between mobile phones and computers. We do not sell any software. If you want to repair IMEI of any handset, then please contact authorized service centers.

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