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Item Code/Product Code: 2UUL SCREW DRIVER
Material: Aluminium Screwdriver Handle + S2 Chrome Vanadium Steel Head Screwhead color: Silver Color Surface finish: S2 Chrome Vanadium Steel Head with Electroplating Nickel Screwhead Option: P2 0.8mm, PH000 1.2mm, Y0.6, T2,Convex Cross 2.5mm, but the screwhead was fixed that can not ..
Ex Tax:₹300
Item Code/Product Code: 2UUL Titanium Alloy Ultraprecise Tweezer
Made of premium titanium,Anti-magnetic Anti Static Anti-corrosionVery light, only14g  Very sharp tweezer, suitable for making jumper under microscope High precision  Easy to carry and useOnly 14cm lenthElectronic Tweezers with ultra precision tip.Good for repairing work under a micros..
Ex Tax:₹750
Item Code/Product Code: 48 HOLDS WOODEN MOBILE STAND
Ex Tax:₹1,800
Item Code/Product Code: 5IN1 Q7 GLUE REMOVER
1.Degumming Fine needle2.Degumming Needle3.Wire Grinding Head 4.Cutting Machine5.Degumming Wool head6.Phase grinding head..
Ex Tax:₹950
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